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Follow the steps given below to access the free certification practice exam demo:

  1. Sign in to (Registration and Login is required to access the personalized result book).
  2. Click SAP Certification exam module page.
  3. Click on "Try Online Exam" button. You will be redirected to the Demo certification practice exam page.
  4. View the certification practice exam demo criteria. You will be asked to answer 5 different questions in the given time limit.
  5. Click on "Start Exam" button to start the free certification exam demo.

Personal certification practice exam will get you an access to our personal platform with many other benefits.

For more information, refer to the relative SAP Certification practice exam page.

Follow the steps given below to access the personal certification practice exam.

  1. Sign in to (Registration and Login is required to access the personalized result book)
  2. Go to the SAP Certification exam module page which covers the certification exam you would like to attend.
  3. You have to purchase a Personal certification practice exam by following FAQ steps "How do I purchase Personal certification practice exam?".
  4. Once your order is placed successfully, we will review the order and provide personal certification practice exam access to your user account.
  5. You will be able to access personal certification practice exam under "My Exams" section in user menu.

If you think that you have found an incorrect answer, explanation, text typo or if a question seems inappropriate. Please contact us at with the following details:

  1. The exam you are preparing for and version number.
  2. Question text or Page title where you found the error.
  3. Your contact information, including your email address associated with your account.

To create testimonial, follow the steps:

Step 1: Login to our website using your credential

Step 2: Click on Testimonial link under your user name. 

Step 3: Write Title of your testimonial and select your SAP Module from drop down followed by your testimonial into the body.

Step 4: Click on SAVE button at last to submit your testimonial 

  1. Log In with your user credentials and click on My Account link in User menu.
  2. You have to purchase a Personal certification practice exam by following FAQ steps "How do I purchase Personal certification practice exam?".
  3. Once your order is placed successfully, we will review the order and provide personal certification practice exam access to your user account.
  4. You will be able to access personal certification practice exam under "My Exams" section in user menu.

We do update our question bank regularly as and when required. Our experts keep our personal question bank updated based on latest SAP Certification exam conducted by SAP SE asked in very recent actual certification exams. We always keep our self in touch with certified candidates in recent past to conduct an interview of their certification exam experience and questions appeared in real certification exam.

Yes. You can appear SAP certification exams anywhere in the world. SAP exam will have same exam pattern with same questions set irrespective of region or location. For example, SAP S/4 HANA or SAP Ariba certification exam conducted in USA, Germany or in India will have same set of question and it is online exam.

Through Paypal or Credit Card or Debit Card or right an email to us for further help.

You will get detailed email once you are done with the payment.

To go with Personal SAP certification online practice exam access, follow step by step payment process.

Step 1 : Go to relevant product page and read the practice exam features in detail and click on Buy Now button.

Step 2: Review the product detail on next page and click on ADD TO CART button.

Step 3: Review the shopping cart and click on CHECKOUT button.

Step 4: Provide your user name and password to login or create new user to go ahead.

Step 5: Provide the billing detail and click on REVIEW ORDER at last.

Step 6: Review the order detail and Click on SUBMIT ORDER, It will redirect you to payment gateway.

Step 7: Make the payment on the payment page to complete this order (Our payment gateway accepts payment through Credit Card or Debit Card or Paypal).

Step 8: Our support team will process your order after reviewing the payment status.

Step 9: To access the online personal practice exam for SAP certification, click on My Personal Exams as shown in below screen.

Step 10: Click on any exam listed and Click on START EXAM

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Follow the steps given below to purchase the personal certification practice exam.

  1. Sign in to & Login is required to purchase any product)
  2. Open the SAP Certification exam module page which covers the certification exam you would like to attend.
  3. Click on "Buy Now" button to open product page.
  4. Click on "Add To Cart" button to add the product to your shopping cart.
  5. Click on "Checkout" button to proceed for the purchase.
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  9. You will be redirected back to on order details page.
  10. Now you are all set to start practicing with personal practice exam under "<User Menu> → My personal Exams"

The purchased personal certification practice exam are available in the member's account. To access personal certification practice exam, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your Exactprep account with your user name and password.
  3. Click on "My Personal Exams" option in User menu (Menu name starts with your user name and is present on right side panel)

You will receive an immediate email confirmation re-stating the order details and welcoming you to the site. The welcome and order confirmation email is the only receipt you will receive. You do however have access to previous invoices in My Account section which you can print on demand.

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Yes, you can use a Mac to take your exam. You will need to download and install Questionmark Secure for Mac. Link to Questionmark Secure

Examinations are secure and remotely proctored. You will be required to use certain technology to take the exam:

  • Questionmark Secure browser that you will need to download and install
    • Even if you have previously installed Questionmark Secure, you must upgrade to ensure you are now using an appropriate version.
    • v6.0.26+ is required for Windows
    • v6.0.19+ is required for Mac
  • Webcam
  • Microphone or headset
  • Broadband connection

You will be notified of your score, on-screen, immediately after completing your exam. The on-screen message will display your exam score and if you passed or failed the exam. You will not be able to print the on-screen display of your score. Additionally, your results - pass or fail - are tracked in Certification Hub and are displayed accordingly in your Exam Dashboard. ( )

You can download the digital certificate immediately.

Yes. To ensure that your certification results count and are tracked, you must enter your SAP user ID in the appropriate registration field. If you do not have a user ID, please contact your local SAP Education organization to obtain one.

You can visit to register for exams. The step-by-step registration process includes selection of location, exam type, date, and payment method. You can also use the SAP Partner Testing Canters link on the Certification options page of the Training and Certification Shop to look for testing options available or you can contact your local SAP Education organization.

Every SAP certification exam has its own set of preparation strategies. Under our certification exam tab you can find them on the web pages associated with individual exams. The pages also show the number of questions in the exam, the duration of the exam, the areas you will be tested on, the required passing score, and recommended course work and content you can reference. You can also find a selection of sample questions that can help you to better understand the type of questions to expect in the exam. Please be aware that the professional-level certifications also require several years of practical on-the-job experience and address real-life scenarios.

Yes. The present certification programs address a variety of profiles. These contain Application Consultant, Business Analyst and Enterprise Architect.

The present tactic focuses on making additional importance for you as a certified individual. SAP offers you the chance to join the newest certification community, providing access to a extensive range of assistance. Fulfilling a desire expressed by current consultants, the SAP Education organization also plans clear paths for nonstop learning. These include fast-track learning paths to help you advance in your current area of expertise or extend your expertise across new areas. Existing certifications retain their validity.

Candidates can apply one’s knowledge and skills gained by learning and training. Apart from this, certification exam measures candidates’ expert skills which is gained by experience while working with project implementation. Which actually required appropriate and focused domain area of SAP application.

While there is no course or set of courses required to take a specific certification exam. SAP provides a list of recommended training you can take to better prepare for an exam. In addition, completing an exam for a lower-level (associate) certification is not a prerequisite for taking a higher-level (professional) exam, although many professional-level certification seekers might find it helpful.

Certification doesn’t have any expiry date.

These days many companies asking for mandatorily SAP Certification. SAP has been continuously adding onto its product offerings with new e-business applications, web interfaces, tools for supply chain management, customer relationship management and much more. SAP systems comprise various fully integrated modules covering almost every aspect of business management. While most businesses today are looking to work upon a SAP framework, a SAP certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees. Not just regional job prospects, but SAP entertains hiring across the world. SAP is one of the most sought-after certifications in the current business environment. IT professionals acquainted with SAP platforms are demanded in every part of the world and it has been one of the most successful its certifications recently. SAP implementation is a complicated process and demands adequate knowledge and training for the same. For professional it takes years of experience to gain adequate expertise. This is also the reason that modern businesses look out for SAP certified professionals.

Reputation and Recognition

Better role and paycheck is automatically followed by reputation and recognition among peers, colleagues, and clients. This can even act as a motivator to help them do better in their jobs and earn higher benefits. SAP professionals will be recognized by their certification. The accreditation can be used along with the names and this indeed makes a strong impression among recruiters and employers.